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Element placement, color combinations and animations are balanced to create the best web-experience at any modern device. We spent a lot more time than others on it, because we value the beauty in the details.

Version 3.1 — June 3, 2016
ADDED: Author page – now it's possible to see all blog posts by one author (example1, example2)
ADDED: basic semantics microdata of vocabulary to improve SEO
IMPROVED: Header Builder addon:
added ability to change links of header elements depending on language
added ability to open links of header elements in a new tab
now Dropdown element is closing on a second click
now Image element always has the ALT attribute
returned back "Header Scroll Breakpoint" option
fixed bug when Header Builder is not working, if any menu has quotes symbols in the name
fixed bug when the second "Custom HTML" header element shows content of the first one
IMPROVED: Button and Social Links elements – now their size depends on font-size value, so it's possible to set any custom size instead of the predefined "Small", "Medium", "Large" values (example1, example2)
IMPROVED: Styling – added "Link Color" and "Link Hover Color" options for content colors, which can differ from "Primary" and "Secondary" colors
IMPROVED: Blog Options – now it's possible to set "Infinite Scroll" pagination for Blog Home, Archive and Search Results pages
IMPROVED: Person element – added ability to show square photos (example)
UPDATED: Revolution Slider to version (changelog)
UPDATED: Demo content for import
UPDATED: Translation files
FIXED: bug when portfolio category is not shown in Portfolio Grid filter bar, if the category was translated by WPML
FIXED: bug when Portfolio Grid shows only 5 items if there are no portfolio categories
FIXED: incorrect Image Slider appearance with "Thumbs" additional navigation
FIXED: highlight color of active Main Menu item when it has a custom link
FIXED: minor styling issues

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